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Has your school management blocked you from accessing social networking sites like Faceook, Friendster, Bebo, Myspace, Hi5, Orkut, etc.? Do you live in any of the following countries, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China, etc, where some websites have been banned?

Below are some tips on how to open blocked sites in spite of the restrictions, but make sure you consult your local authorities before using these sites. If you are held for breaching any laws, we would not be held responsible. And it is important to hint that these tips on how to open blocked sites are not meant for unblocking blocked government websites.

By Using An Extension

Browsec is one of the famous extension which can be used to hide your identity online. You can also choose another country IP to access blocked sites. Free version comes with limited countries.

Just install this extension and you’ll be able to open blocked sites.

Using Proxy Sites

Proxy websites are quite popular for surfing any site you wish to surf anonymously. It is also easy to unblock such locked sites with proxy sites. This is one easy and simple trick on how to open blocked sites. Most times, it is not easy to access these blocked sites using proxy sites because the schools and companies had also blocked the proxy sites knowing you would want to access the blocked sites through the proxy sites. There are other tricks on how to open blocked sites when the proxy sites are blocked as well. Just go to the proxy sites, type in the URL of the sites you wish to visit and access the blocked sites. Below are some of the most popular proxy sites out there today:

Proxy Foxy








Using Hotspot Shield Software

Some countries like China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Iran, North Korea, and several others blocked a number of sites in their countries. It is impossible to use IP address in any blocked region to access any blocked sites. Using small software is another viable option for accessing blocked sites.

Hotspot Shield comes in both free and paid small software packages which allows you change your present IP address to the IP addresses of other countries. Whether paid or free, they all work perfectly well. The only slight difference is that with a paid version, you get no ads, but free versions come with a number of ads. Installing any of these software will enable you access any blocked site.

Using VPN 

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Networks. It can be either paid or free. Free VPN come with either data limit of few advertisements. Paid VPN are known to be faster and ad free. Free VPN works best for unblocking sites like YouTube and Facebook, which are for personal uses.

VPN can be either web based or you may need to install any software of your choice on your browser or computer. First find a VPN that works best in your area and can enable you access the sites you wish to unblock. It is possible that some VPN may have been blocked in your school, office, or area.

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