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Vista Codec Package
Vista Codec Pack allows the end-user to play any media file with his favorite media player. This pack allows for playback of avi, realmedia, flv, swf, and quicktime files, as well as DVDs. The pack works well with most browsers and enables them to play streaming video files. Although the creators of the Vista Codec Pack recommend using the default settings, you can easily change and adjust some of the options like turning Haali and FFDshow on and off, or removing specific components during or after the installation.
During the installation the pack automatically detects, and if needed, removes previously installed conflicting codec packs. After installation, the current state of your PC multimedia capabilities can be controlled via tightly organized dashboard app that covers every aspect of your video and audio codecs. This app, however, is not intended to be used by amateurs, because even slight changes in it can cause deterioration of your computers multimedia reproduction capabilities.
Vista Codec Pack does not install new video player on your PC. For multimedia playback, you need to use some other video player, either Windows Media Player or some other app that is relying on the external codecs (most popular ones are BS.Player and Media Player Classic).
Vista Codec Package

Vista Codec Technicals Details:

Latest Version
: Vista Codec Package 7.2.0
: Windows XP/Vista/XP64/Vista64User

Download Vista Codec Package Latest Version

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